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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Thea "Hughes" Pound23/Female/United Kingdom Groups :iconst-victoryislove: ST-VictoryIsLove
Strength equals Victory and ...
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Hughesation's Profile Picture
Thea "Hughes" Pound
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Name: Thea “Hughes” Pound
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 3rd November 1992
Zodiac Sun sign: Scorpio
Zodiac Moon sign: Aquarius
Zodiac Rising Sign: Virgo
Primal Zodiac: Raven
Chinese Zodiac: Water Monkey
Pharonic Egyptian Zodiac: Wadjet
Traditional Egyptian Zodiac: Sekhmet
Aztec Tonali: Dog/Wolf
Animal Totem: Hawk
Tarot Card: Death
Ruling Planet/s: Pluto & Mars
Element/s: Water, Air, Ice
Guardian Angel: Saeliah
Guardian Demon: Vine

Eye Colour: Grey
Hair Colour: Blue-black (Naturally dark brown)
Height: 5’9
Face Shape: Oval
Distinguishing Features: Small mole beside right eye, Large mole on left cheek below left eye.
Piercings: Ears
Tattoos: N/A
Allergies: Nettle stings.
Limiting Factor/s: Glasses, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Role: Scholar
Goal: Discrimination
Mode: Observation
Attitude: Pragmatist
Center: Intellectual
Feature: Arrogance
Soul Age: Old Soul (Stage four)
IQ: 130; Superior intelligence
Briggs-Myers: The Architect - INTP; Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking & Perceiving
Sexuality: Pansexual (Asexual?)
Favourite Colour/s: Green (neon & acid green, especially), Black, Grey & Red.
Least Favourite Colour/s: Pink, yellow.
Favourite Subject/s: Science; Physics, French, English.
Least Favourite subject/s: Mathematics, PE Theory.
Favourite Music: Rock, Metal, Visual Kei, Symphonic Metal, Nu Metal, Screamo, Alternative & Punk.
Least Favourite Music: Rap/Hip-hop, R&B & Pop.
Favourite Song: Skin, by Sixx AM
Favourite Book: Prey, by Michael Crichton
Favourite Sport/s: Formula One (Watching), Hockey & Sailing (Playing)
Favourite Animal/s: Hawks, Scorpions, Hyenas, Spiders, Snakes & Vultures.
Phobia/s: N/A; Fear of Dogs when I was a small child.

Proud Co-Author of AkaNoUsagi; The Tale of the Red Rabbit.
For more information, visit our group: Aka-No-Usagi
Visit our Website:
Or visit fellow Co-Author's DA: GinGin-Schrei
  • Listening to: The Future Is Now - Starset
  • Reading: Aka No Usagi - the Tale of the Red Rabbit
  • Eating: XXX Extra Strong Mints
Here's my entry to #deviantartistquestionnaire 

1. How Long Have You Been On Deviant Art? 
Though this account would lead you to believe it's only been 5 years, I've been around for near 7 years in truth, on three separate accounts. I started out on here as Ich-Bin-Hughes, a long inactive account, dedicated to really poor photo-manips. I then moved on to Hughes-Can-Write, to separate my writing and poetry on to one account, which still remains active to this day (although possibly not as active as it should!). Then finally, there's this very account :latard: 
2. What Does Your Username Mean?
It steams from two similar, but distinct nicknames; The first, Hughes. When I was younger, I had glasses and short, boyish dark hair and facial hair, which along side my blue school blazer, apparently made me resemble Maes Hughes, from Full Metal Alchemist. At the time, my sister Oz (also known as GinGin-Schrei ) was a fan of the show, and made it my pet name. :sneakydance: 
The second comes from my potty best friend, from Highschool. Rosanna (who never had an account on DA :noes: ) used to love adding weird suffixes to words, such as "-oogle", "-atic" "-natly"... after I started calling her "Rozibee", she began to call me "Hughesation", and it kinda stuck!

3. Describe Yourself In Three Words.
Quriky, Unconventional, Witty :parahula: 

4. Are You Left Or Right Handed?
Despite my many failed attempts during my second year of college (with encouragement from Callum) to train my left hand, I remain being right handed. For some reason, though, I have a strange desire to always reverse the hands I supposed to hold cutlery with. :hmm:

5. What Was Your First Deviation? 
It was a short poem, used as a self-introduction for this account, called Hughes Can Dream. It forms a second part to Hughes Can Write, the self-introduction for my other account, of the same name. It used to also reside on my DeviantID, but has since been removed due to taking up all the page space! :shakepineapple: 
Hughes Can Dream - poemI am Hughes,
I dream I'm free,
In the land of,
My Creativity;
I am what I am,
And who I wish to be,
And I don't walk alone,
For The Shadow's beside me,
The one who's intertwined,
With my destiny,
He walks side by side,
And yet still guides me.
The spark's struck within,
By an external force,
And the flames blaze,
As inspiration runs it's course.
We're bound by nothing,
Not even locked doors,
Until I awake,
In reality's claws.
I'm bound to a system,
That I despise,
Fighting for something,
Beyond my two eyes.
I struggle night and day,
To be free of the lies,
But no matter how hard,
I can't break this world's ties.

6. What Is Your Favourite Type Of Art To Create?
Poetry and prose, most especially on the poetry front; here on this account, though, you'll find it's been dominated with digital arts for anime and manga, some fan art, some OC art and a whole bunch of fan art for GinGin-Schrei's OCs! 

7. If You Could Instantly Master A Different Art Style, What Would It Be?
Photo Manipulation, or Icons/graphics. That was the earliest medium I used, but it never worked out well simply because I had no idea what I was doing. Sadly, I used to think I was really quite good, until one day, one of my friends from highschool (Job, who used to feel more like family than a friend) saw my gallery and said "There's no way this is your account, because that isn't your art; That's a bunch of really s**tly edited photos!" Be As Strange As You Can 
Though it sounds as though he was disparaging, he was actually being honest with me; it gave me the push towards moving away from the lazy editing phase, and into actually drawing again. Without him, I wouldn't have come so far in honing my drawings.

8. What Was Your First Favourite?
A poem called Hold My Hand by Hidden-Wolf97 AKA Ember/Brianna. It's still a piece I really do love.
Hold My HandHold my hand.
Hold me,
Anchor me,
So I don't take wing,
And be blown off course
From the freedom I long for
Towards those places of d
etestable filth.
And though I fight,
That wind's pressure is huge.
And flying against it is tiring;
In fact, nigh impossible.
One day these winds will die down.
I will fly freely.
But I will always return home,
To the safe and familiar,
To your warm hand.
Hold me,
Anchor me,
Help me to take wing.

9. What Type Of Art Do You Tend To Favourite Most?
Fan Arts! I love seeing other artist's interpretations of my favourite characters. Aside from that, I also love seeing people's OC designs, because it often really brings out their creativity! Other than that, I love poetry, digital art, sci-fi art, anime/manga and comic arts, and even a little fractal art from time to time.

10. Who Is Your Favourite All-Time Deviant Artist?
This is a really tough question, just because I am lucky enough to know a bunch of really great artists here on DA. I will give a quick short-list.
GinGin-Schrei - Oz must be mentioned, because she is my inspiration. Her OC's are awesome, her graphics always beautifully edited, and her literature puts mine to shame. She's also a real laugh.
Musango - Aaron is a really talented poet, who deserves more attention than he gets. Some of his work is really emotional, and I envy his talent!
:devdannyjarrat: - Danny's work has really progressed since I met him; his ideas are unique and brilliant, his OCs vibrant and stylish, and he's a real pleasure to watch and know.
Schnauzenpraeparat - Mary is quirky, fun and funky; her style is wonderfully stand out, and she's one of the only artists I know who uses the medium she does. You know her work a mile off, for it's unique style and wonderful humour!

11. If You Could Meet Anyone On DeviantArt In Person, Who Would It Be?

List time, again, because there is so much awesome!
:devcrimson-seijun0: - Keenan is just a wonderful, and brilliant person, who has always been great fun to talk to, and has forever been an inspiration. Somebody I wanna high-five!
Hidden-Wolf97 - Ember's been a great and supportive friend ever since I met her; she's a kindred spirit who I can talk to about anything and everything. She deserves hugs!
St3v-MylanoYuli is so much fun; I love talking to her because even if I've had a bad day, you can't help but smile after looking at her work, or reading her comments.
I could go on forever, but I will just leave it there... or this WILL get lengthy!

12. How Has A Fellow Deviant Impacted Your Life? 
Truly, I am a very lucky person, because I have had some many great friends, over the years, who have come and gone, all teaching me different things, and supporting me. Though they no longer use DA, I must mention the former Ulfsark, and Kulkoth-Raihkor - who always encouraged me to do my best, and chase the pursuits that mattered to me.
bloodymariathefirst, :devlady-noiraile:, Rusi-chan, Auromoon and Aquamarine11 have been really great friends and supporters over my time here, and it wouldn't do not to mention them, even if sometimes we don't speak as much as we used to. They always used to cheer me on, and comment constructively to help me improve.
And, of course, my infinitely awesome sister, :

13. What Are Your Prefered Tools To Create Art?

GNU Image Manipulation Program AKA GIMP 2.6, and my Intuitos Tablet. Lawooon 

14. What Is The Most Inspirational Place For You To Create Art? 
My living room! For a long time, it was also Cafe North, at South Downs College, where I used to write my poetry, or draw in my sketchbook.

15. What Is Your Favourite DeviantArt Memory? 
Don't make me choose!!!  SUPER FLASHY NOES EMOTE   I have had so many positive expiriences with DA since I started, and I don't think I'd be where I am without it!
In sincerity, though, I'll state that every year, I look forward to Advent Calendars, with GinGin-Schrei; we always create a calendar, and upload one for each day. It's a unique gift, and it's always really exciting!

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